Elvis Presley's Original First Performance Contract "The Louisiana Hayride" November 6, 1954

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Elvis Presley's 1954 Original First Performance Contract, 10 Signatures

Elvis Presley's Original First Performance Contract "The Louisiana Hayride" November 6, 1954

Hand signed by Elvis Presley twice, Scotty Moore twice, Bill Black twice, Horace Logan twice, Gladys Presley and Vernon Presley.


1. Accompanied by a Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet Elvis' friend of 22 years and the founder and original president of the Elvis Presley Museum

ELVIS PRESLEY MUSEUM CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the following item was the personal property of ELVIS PRESLEY. The Elvis Presley Museum opened on June 1st, 1978. and is the only museum in the world licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc  and "Graceland" -the estate of  Elvis Presley.

Original First Performance Contract "The Louisiana Hayride" Nov. 6, 1954

This important 4 page document is a representative of the first 18 months of Elvis professional career of which the Louisiana Hayride show gave Elvis his first big break.

This contract is between Elvis (and band) and the International Broadcasting Corporation d.b.a. "The Louisiana Hayride" dated November 6, 1954. It is hand signed in ink by Elvis, Bill Black & Scotty Moore (Winfield Scott, accidently left off was Scotty's last name; Moore). Vernon & Gladys Presley (Elvis' parents) hand signed the contract as witnesses. Horace Logan (the Hayride emcee) hand signed representing the International Broadcasting Corporation. The contract was for one year for 52 Saturday night performances at "Union scale". ($30/show for Elvis and for Scotty & Bill it was $15 each.)

(Hand signed in ink) Jimmy Velvet, Founder and CEO

2. Certificate of Authenticity

This certificate accompanies the original first performance contract between Elvis Presley (and band) and International Broadcasting (owner of radio station KWKH) d.b.a. “The Louisiana Hayride” dated November 6, 1954, signed by Elvis, Bill Black and Scotty Moore (Winfield Scott Moore, erroneously listed as “Winfred Scott”) and witnessed by Vernon and Gladys Presley. Representing International Broadcasting was Hayride emcee Horace Logan. It was a one year contract for 52 Saturday night performances at “Union Scale” ($30/show for Elvis and $15 each for Scotty & Bill). Elvis was offered the contract after his successful first appearance on the Hayride (and historical first radio broadcast) three weeks previous on October 16. Representing the first 18 months of his professional career, the Louisiana Hayride show gave Elvis his first big break at a time when he was being told to “stick to truck driving”. This certificate is signed by Joey Kent, owner of the Louisiana Hayride and Frank Page, legendary announcer for the Louisiana Hayride who on a cool autumn evening in October 1954 introduced the world to a young man from up Tennessee way...and the rest is history.

(Hand signed) Joey Kent, Owner The Louisiana Hayride.

(Hand signed) Frank Page, Announcer The Louisiana Hayride.


This contract originated with International Broadcasting, parent company of radio station KWKH which broadcast the Louisiana Hayride radio program. It remained in the files until station moved from its historic location to new facilities in 1974. At that time, the contract was rescued from the trash heap by Louisiana Hayride announcer and KWKH disc jockey Frank Page and it remained in his private collection until offered for sale with Bonhams of London in November 1998.